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LEAAFLOW ™ is the technical key to verify the effectiveness of volumetric treatments of pest control in the critical and remote points, designed to comply to quality systems such as BRC, HACCP, GMP etc.

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WHY YOU SHOULD USE THEM: With the use of the biocheck units you can simulate a controlled infestation that allows the objective evaluation of the biocidal treatment in total safety. Over 22 insect species are reproduced at LEAA at different development stages. Check available species at the LEAAFLOW ™ e-SHOP

WHAT THEY ARE: The biocheck units are made with special container with substrate infested by a determined number of vital insects at a determined stage of development. These containers are provided with a special design filter that allows air exchange but prevents the dispersal of the content.

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HOW TO USE THEM: The biocheck units should be placed in critical, representative and remote points of the environment or in the foodstuff before the chemical (e.g. phosphine) or physical (such as high pressure, heat and modified atmosphere) volumetric treatment.


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  • Supply of biocheck units with vital insects of desired species and/or stage of development in special containers, numbered, coded and sealed;

  • Laboratory analysis with two assessments, one at the return and one on eggs after incubation;

  • Issue of a certified report.

Contact us for more information and for a tailored guide to the suitable insect species, the number of units recommended and their correct placement. 

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