What is a biotest

a special container with substrate infested by a determined number of insects at a determined development stage. It reproduces a controlled infestation so to allow an objective evaluation of the efficacy of a biocidal application, either physical, chemical or a fumigation. When the application is finished, the biotest are collected and sent back to the Laboratory for the entomology analysis and for the issue of a certified report.

The biotest has now become an indispensable instrument for the Food and Packaging Industry quality responsible and for the Pest Control Operators dealing with chemical or physical applications willing to offer their clients the highest quality standard.

LEAAFLOW  is an exclusive international service provided by LEAA. It includes:

•use of the suitable type of container

•more than 22 species available

•written easy instruction for the correct use
•remote assistance (Phone, Skype, e-mail, WhatsApp)

•transfer support, through endorsed couriers

•double examination at the Laboratory

•double certified report, to be included in your BRC or other quality systems dossier