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7 Treated.png

The given number of Treated (T) biocheck units required by the Client, that are transported to the site and undergo the treatment; please contact us if you don't 

8 TNT.png

1 untreated TNT (Transported-Not-Treated) biocheck unit, that is transported to the site but doesn’t undergo the biocidal treatment. This Biocheck is analyzed to evaluate the eventual mortality due to the transfer.

9 LNT.png

1 untreated LNT (Laboratory-Not-Treated) biocheck unit, that remains at the Laboratory in optimal environmental conditions for the insects breeding. This unit is analyzed to verify the eventual natural mortality.

10 Return to Lab.png

After the biocidal treatment, all the biocheck units must be returned to LEAA as soon as possible.

5 Prima verifica.png

Once at LEAA, the biocheck units will be analyzed under the stereo-microscope within 24-36 hours after delivery and then they will be incubated in controlled conditions.

12 Eggs.png

After the incubation, a second mortality assessment will be made in order to verify the treatment effectiveness on egg stage of the tested insects.

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